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From the alternatives suggested at the last posting to solve the problems regarding my blog, I made a decision to start working on the third option with bits of modifications:

I decided to create a new blog sticking to English when writing articles in. However, it's still undecided which blog-generating-website to use.
And, for the topics, I changed my mind not to keep posting about my personal (not very much Australian) life but posting beauty stuff focusing on the attire (most likely vintage) and make-up (Japanese Gyaru). By focusing a narrow line of topics, I'd be expecting the coverage to be deep and to extend later on to some related areas such as diet, hair, and nails.
Another thing to consider, however, is that I'd apply for a journalist position for my education agency over the next uni semester, which would be most likely to require me to write about international students' lives in Australia. (Plus, I'm positive about getting the position, and if it works out as I hope it to be, then I'd renew my old blog on Naver, which is going to be written 100% in Korean language and updated only once a month; so that it'll be no big concern for me)
Only one decision left unmade is choose where to start my new English blog; hoping to get some pieces of advice from those who have been doing good on it...!

useful websites to choose which blog tools to use:

Go for it, Geulah :)


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