Problems and solutions Australia 생활 이야기

As for the previous posting, I wrote about the problems that I had with my blog.
To point out each of them again and suggest proper solutions below,

For used two languages in one article (not so many bi-linguals of Korean and English so far)
1.create two different blogs for each and add links of different version to one another
2.divide into two different bulletins but still on the same blog
3.stick to one language and give in the other
For most of article contain more of English but egloos where I built my blog is mostly for Korean people
1.create new blog on different blog-generating-website and copy& paste all the articles-written-in-English on egloos to the new one with info of originally updated date and time(when the first plan is chosen for the first problem) articles more in Korean to appeal to the majority of visitors(the second plan)
3.stop writing anything in English unless necessary(the third plan)
For topics of Australia, Christianity, and beauty do not go well with each other to appeal to one certain group of people (while I neither can do cover all different groups of people with large volume of information only on my blog)
Decided solution- Post personal blogs about Australia(ns') but do not get deep into it
Regarding the other two,
1.cover both topics in two different languages on two different blogs
2.choose which topic would be better covered in what language and stick to it by posting only once in one language
3.choose only one topic for one/two blogs(the first, and second plan) to cover and extend the coverage as it develops
4. lots of personal articles about me, which my friend pointed to be bad in thinking of privacy issue.
Decided solution- Stop posting personal life unless it helps me in anyway(if so, stick to stuff about Australia(ns') for blog)


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