What could and couldn't be on personal blogs! Australia 생활 이야기

I came across '100 Questions to reveal yourself!' on the Internet yesterday and thought that it's quite a good idea to do the questions and post on my blog (doing the questions seems good to know more about myself and find good and bad about me in (not-exactly) the third person's position, well... it's like a self-interview).
However, when I told this plan of mine to my friend, he explained to me about privacy issue and how negative it could actually work for me. I was convinced not to post those stuff not only on my blog but also anywhere on the Internet.
And, now I realised that I lost the purpose of running my blog.
I do run my blog on egloos and vlog on YouTube even so none of them are popular as failing the first aim that I had with them.

To talk first about my blog here,
Sadly, I don't have many visitors a day for that I've been uploading mostly about Christianity that nobody seeking some fun online cares but I do. I failed to find and post, the topics of interest that might appeal to certain groups that I could associate with. As far as I'm concerned, blogs work (in the sense of getting-many-visits) by posting stuff of common interests for certain group of people and further work (in the sense of becoming-a-community-for-those-who-belong-to-the-group) to become well-known broadly and popular.
The problems that I had were:
1. used two languages in one article (not so many bi-linguals of Korean and English so far)
2. most of article contain more of English but egloos where I built my blog is mostly for Korean people
3. topics of Australia, Christianity, and beauty do not go well with each other to appeal to one certain group of people (while I neither can do cover all different groups of people with large volume of information only on my blog)
4. lots of personal articles about me, which my friend pointed to be bad in thinking of privacy issue.

Well,. it's good to know the problems at least. I could work on them to improve over the coming months and years.


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