Indicators of biblical errors: Part 1 [Pro&Cons] Christianity Sexism

bullet논점: One can argue from the lack of a consensus within Christendom that the Bible's message cannot be unambiguously determined on many topics. The Bible's  clearly teaches conflicting views on many vital matters. It seems unreasonable that if an all-knowing God intended the Bible to be a guide in all matters, that sincere Christians today would come to such opposite decisions over what is right and wrong. This indicates, but does not prove, that the Bible is not inerrant.

Although it appears to be impossible to absolutely prove the errancy or inerrancy of the Bible, there appear to be at least eight strong indicators that it is errant in at least some places. 

성경이 문자 그대로 사실이 아니라고 제시하는 8개의 indicators중 하나에 해당하는 경우로, 같은 기독교내에서도 여자/남자의 역할을 어떻게 보고 있느냐가 상반되는 경우를 예를 들었다. [출처:]

Indicator 4: Uniformity of Christian beliefs at the present time:

bulletPossibility 1: As in the previous example, the Bible is clear, unambiguous, and consistent. Devout, thoughtful, serious Christians would be able to discover God's will on any moral question by consulting the Bible. Thus beliefs about theological and moral questions would be similar among all denominations. Devout, intelligent, serious, careful Southern Baptist students of the Bible would reach the same conclusions as would similar students from the United Church of Christ or the United Church of Canada. A consensus would be simple to reach among all Christians on the nature of God, heaven, hell, and perhaps thousands of other theological matters. Christians would agree on all of the important ethical questions of today: access to abortion, access to physician assisted suicide, the death penaltyequal rights for homosexuals, roles of women in the family, church and society, etc.
bulletPossibility 2: The Bible is a collection of books written by human authors over a long time period. Each writer promoted his own religious beliefs. Thus, the Bible contains many conflicting passages and concepts. Conservative, mainline and liberal Christians are able to support their very different beliefs on theological and moral questions with Bible quotations.
bulletWhat History Shows: There is currently very little agreement among the worlds 35,000 or so Christian groups about the Bible's message:
bulletChristian faith groups differ on all key moral questions: from abortion to the role of women.
bulletMany different Christian denominations hold varying ideas about religious rituals, the nature of God, heaven, hell, salvation, etc.
bulletAn interesting example are two active Evangelical Christian agencies which deal with gender roles:
bulletThe Council on Biblical Manhood and Womenhood promotes promotes Biblical manhood, which they interpret as requiring inequality in the authority of men and women. They are seen as having different roles to play. 3
bulletChristians for Biblical Equality (CBE) believes "that the Bible, properly interpreted, teaches the fundamental equality of men and women of all racial and ethnic groups and all economic classes..."4
bulletBoth agencies quote at great length from the Bible to justify their conflicting positions. They sincerely believe that their view is correct and biblically based.


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